Electronics – Mobile Machine Controllers

Electronics – Mobile Machine Controllers

When it comes to electronic mobile machine controllers and the intrinsic value of their use in mobile machines, it’s important to note that it’s a value that only continues to increase. Demand by industry for machines that boast added power and efficiency combined with enhanced comfort and safety has never been higher, and this, combined with the concurrent demands to optimise costs is driving the evolution towards solutions that are centered around electronic control.


The new series of mobile machine controllers with a high range of 96 inputs and outputs allows for high-performance capacity. It is suited for those complex control functions. This product certainly stands out with over 36 PWM power outputs, excellent computer performance and a high number of interfaces, communication and informal interfaces.


The new controller series of HY-TTC 500 is based on a 32 Bit platform with a modern u-Controller platform. The mobile machine controller is characterised by its high-performance capacity thanks to its high range of 96 inputs and outputs. This new controller series HY-TTC 500 is therefore suited especially for complex control functions in central and decentralised control architectures.

The controller provides three alternative PWM shut down groups for differentiated safety functions.

Range of applications:

  • Hydrostatic drive with capacity for general machine functions
  • Work range limiting function
  • Hydraulic axles (up to 18 axles with one controller)
  • Vibration dampening, i.e. in outrigger systems
  • Application as central communication module, thanks to a large number of interfaces and high-performance capacity.

Product advantages:

  • SIL 2/PL d
  • Three alternative PWM shut down groups
  • Up to 36 PWM power outputs with current measurement
  • High number and flexibility of the IO groups
  • Excellent computer performance
  • High number of interfaces, communication and information interfaces
  • 4 to 7 CANbus interfaces
  • Ethernet interface for extremely fast software download and debugging.

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