Learn how to efficiently eliminate varnish from your hydraulic system

Learn how to efficiently eliminate varnish from your hydraulic system

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Learn how to efficiently eliminate varnish from your hydraulic system

Varnish in hydraulic and lubricating systems can result in malfunction and increased operating temperatures, causing unplanned downtime and high maintenance cost. Find out how to eradicate the varnish whilst extending the lifetime of your fluid, filters and components.


What causes the formation of varnish?

When it comes to oil condition management, the varnish is a hot buzzword. But what is varnish? Can this one word really be an accurate description for every sludge-like material that develops in your hydraulic or lubricating system?

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A hydraulics, automation and control learning hub

Mining engineers are facing a whirlwind of change as technology and innovation continue to advance at a rapid pace. Subsequently, it has become essential to consistently update their knowledge base in order to keep up to date with the latest equipment.
This, coupled with additional demands from customers for companies to adapt and evolve, has led to the introduction of HYDAC’s training centre.


How to configure IO-Link sensors with a portable diagnostic tool

In this video, we are configuring an EDS electronic pressure switch with HYDAC HMG 4000, a portable diagnostic tool.


HYDAC has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Training Excellence


New Training Centre and branch office in Western Australia 

On Tuesday, 20th of August, we have officially opened a training centre and branch office in our newest location, at 14 Focal Way in Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia.



Apprenticeship Program in Collaboration with The Australian Industry Group

Collaborating with The Australian Industry Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (Ai Group ATC), which is an Australian training organisation, HYDAC Australia this year welcomed two electrician apprentices, who will spend the next four years learning and practicing their skills at HYDAC.