Find the Right Controller for Mobile Applications

Find the Right Controller for Mobile Applications

Choosing the right controller for mobile applications can be challenging, but with help from the experts at HYDAC, it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we detail some of our available mobile I/O controller options to help you select the right one.


The HY-TTC 48X I/O controller is a cost-effective and modular choice that can be used to increase the number of I/Os for mobile applications. This I/O slave module is designed for use with a master control unit that communicates via the CANopen protocol. The benefits of HY-TTC 48X I/O modules include quick and easy integration, CANopen compliance, and a durable automotive style housing that can withstand rough conditions.


The HY-TTC 36X is perfect for acting as a slave unit within CAN-based network architecture. When used with a master control unit, this mobile I/O controller can extend the number of I/Os. It’s also easy to set-up and use, compliant with CANopen, and can be operated in even the roughest conditions thanks to its durable housing.


The HY-TTC 30XH is a smart I/O controller that can be used as a flexible control system extension for a range of mobile applications. Used with a master control unit, this slave mobile I/O controller communicates through the CANopen protocol. A safety certified version is also available (HY-TTC 30XSH). The benefits of these I/O modules include superior flexibility, safety, robustness and usability.

Not sure which I/O controller is best for your particular mobile applications? Get advice from HYDAC team today by calling 1300 449 322.