Fluid Filters – VDHA

Fluid Filters – VDHA


The function of the VDHA is to inform the user when a filter element needs to be replaced due to the increased differential pressure measured across the filter element. This will trigger a signal and an operator can then make the system safe and change the element.

It has been designed to meet the requirements of hazardous areas around the world. This indicator has been approved for use in ATEX, IECEX, CSA, TRCU and UL zones by a notified body.


The VDHA is available in 3 standard pressure ranges : 450, 700 and 1035 Bar. This means that there will always be a suitable indicator available regardless of the pressure of the filter housing.

The indicator has a 316 stainless steel junction box that can be rotated 360 degrees to aid wiring of the unit. With the use of a suitably rated cable gland, the indicator has an IP rating of both IP66 and IP67 as well as having a dual temperature rating of T4 & T6.


The VDHA indicators are fully compatible with the HYDAC range of filters including both stainless steel and carbon steel filters.