How to configure IO-Link sensors with HYDAC's HMG 4000

How to configure IO-Link sensors with HYDAC's HMG 4000

HYDAC sensors with an IO-Link communication protocol can be configured with the HMG 4000, a portable diagnostic tool. 

The configuration of these sensors could not be made any simpler via an easy-to-understand and navigate menu, further enhancing their many advantages as well as those of the HMG 4000.

In HYDAC YouTube video, “How to configure IO-Link sensors”, HYDAC reconfigures an EDS electronic pressure switch to show viewers how it’s done.  

In the video the machine’s sensor cable is removed and the HMG 4000 is connected with a standard M12 cable.  

When connected, the power to the sensor is supplied by the HMG’s battery. 

Step-by-step instructions

From the home screen on the HMG 4000, select “programmable switches”, and then select “establish connection”.  

Once connected, the part number and serial number of the sensor are displayed.   

The current reading on the sensor and the current status of the switch outputs from the pressure switch can be viewed by selecting the “measured values” option. 

After returning to the previous menu, select “switch point settings” where the switches’ behaviours are configured. 

Here, the pressure switch point and the switch-back point for both switches one and two can be reconfigured.

Returning again to the previous menu, select “advanced settings” where time delays, general operational functions, and displayed measuring units can be configured. 

Changing the unit from bar to psi here instantly applies any parameters.

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