How to keep up with the evolving world of HMI

How to keep up with the evolving world of HMI

Interaction with machines and tools such as smartphones is constant. However, the way we interact with them is changing. This change also happens in the interaction of human operators with mobile machinery.

Manufacturers of mobile machinery continue to improve the efficiency and safety of these machines according to the always-changing expectation for the human-machine interface (HMI). Consequently, OEMs of mobile machines are forced to find new approaches in the design and development of modern HMI.

Assisting the operator

TTControl, a joint-venture company of TTTech and HYDAC International, is a leading supplier of electronic control systems, operator interfaces and connectivity solutions. It supports vehicle OEMs in developing new approaches with its new generation of rugged operator interfaces called Vision 3. Vision 3 offers an excellent answer to the latest requirements for HMI on mobile machinery.

The enhanced automation of machine functions and the demand to continuously increase the number of assistance systems are among the trends that the machine manufacturer must consider in order remaining competitive.

Due to the significant shortage of skilled operators, a modern machine should be easy to operate with minimal training efforts. The number of repetitive tasks and the workload should be reduced for the human operator. The reduction in fuel and time consumption fuel to the optimised working process not only results in cost savings for the fleet owner but also reduces polluting emissions.

TTControl Vision 3 on agricultural machinery

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