How You Can Benefit from Remote Data Access with the TTConnect Wave

How You Can Benefit from Remote Data Access with the TTConnect Wave

A premium cloud system is required for understanding, building and monitoring various types of machinery in order to expedite the communication between the machine and the end user via remote data access.

The TTConnect Wave is a high performance, ruggedised IoT gateway made to connect a machine or vehicle to the TTConnect Cloud Service platform through wireless or cellular interfaces. It allows users to completely and easily monitor and manage machines and vehicles. Users can utilise the gateway for machine data monitoring and data logging applications, as well as advanced functions such as prognostics and predictive maintenance.

The Wave IoT Gateway gathers data from the DATA+ Edge PC or another CAN based device or mobile machine, and then transfers this data to the cloud via the mobile network. This means the online cloud platform is constantly updated.

The TTConnect Wave provides in-vehicle interfaces such as Ethernet, USB and CAN, as well as wireless and cellular remote data access interfaces. It’s capable of operating in and withstanding extreme temperatures and has an IP67/IP69K rating.

Many companies can experience benefits from utilising the TTConnect Wave in order to connect different systems remotely.

Key Benefits

  • Connect vehicles to the cloud via wireless or cellular remote data access interfaces
  • Update the fleet by simply touching a button
  • Machine data is collected and analysed to improve efficiencies and minimise costs
  • Support new business models


  • Standard in-vehicle interfaces
  • Cellular or wireless LAN connectivity
  • Data logging
  • GPS/GLONASS positioning system
  • High performance CPU
  • Rugged design for extreme conditions – between -40°C to +85°C
  • CE/E, FCC, IC certified

TTConnect Cloud Service

  • Over-the-air updates of complete machine software
  • Data logging on defined events
  • Configurable portal – no programming required
  • Machine integration with TTControl ECUs and displays
  • CANopen and J1939 support
  • Generate and configure alarms

Industries That Can Benefit From the TTConnect Wave

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Material Handling
  • Municipal 

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