HYDAC draws predictive maintenance close to condition monitoring

HYDAC draws predictive maintenance close to condition monitoring

HYDAC has brought predictive maintenance just one small step away from condition monitoring in line with Industry 4.0’s ideals in the form of a plug-and-play system that links data.

The ideals of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 include linking together people, production plants and products, digitising them and incorporating them into a value creation process.

However, digitisation is only possible with specific tools, or ‘enablers’, and this is where condition monitoring comes in.

Condition monitoring is suitable as an Industry 4.0 enabler as it’s all about data – that comes in all kinds of formats and all manner of sources – and data collection.

In addition, all companies have data, which is stored in a wide variety of formats and languages.

However, the crux of the matter is who will manage and evaluate existing data.

Condition monitoring ‘enabler’ to make sense of data

A good option in this regard is for a company to make use of an enabler that could assist it generate useful and practical information from the large volume of data already present in its diverse range of machines.

Condition monitoring (online) is just such an enabler as it already contains the data that machine and plant owners can easily access. All that is required is that it is evaluated and, for example, converted into recommendations for action.

HYDAC’s plug-and-play system links wide variety of data

For this purpose HYDAC has created a plug-and-play system that links together a wide variety of data from all kinds of sources, pre-compresses the data and uses it to generate intelligent machine and process-related information, messages and recommended actions.

HYDAC’s condition monitoring portfolio has the tools required for use in greenfield and brownfield applications, including intelligent sensors with bidirectional communication and corresponding gateway, smart components with integrated algorithms, standalone condition monitoring for oil and oscillation analysis, machine-related dashboards for one or more machines in production, extensive process visualisation, and certified energy management systems.

Machinery predictions made that much easier

This technology enables predictions for the life expectancy of components and systems, pending consumable changes and process-related errors to be communicated in real time.

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