HYDAC for quick supply and turnkey solution

HYDAC for quick supply and turnkey solution

The sheer breadth of HYDAC’s high-quality product range, together with many years of experience in hydraulic system design, equips us to offer tailor-made, turnkey solutions for almost all sectors.

We design and supply turnkey hydraulic control and drive systems, including electronic and automation controls, for mobile and stationary machines and systems for use in many diverse industries, HYDAC National Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Agius says.  

“In so doing we rely on our many years of experience and engineering support both locally and globally.”

The company’s supply program specifically includes hydraulic accumulators, fluid filters, process filters, coolers, electro-hydraulic controls/industrial valves, sensor systems for pressure, encoder measurement and solenoid technology, cylinders, pumps, mounting technology, armatures, and condition monitoring among many more customer application-specific programming. 

All hydraulic system components are made/designed in Germany and Europe, while the complete systems are designed and built in Melbourne

Hydraulic systems are designed and built in Melbourne

Complete package from a single source

Mr Agius emphasises that when a customer orders a fully operational hydraulic system from HYDAC, they’ll receive the complete package from a single source.

This includes hydraulic power pack, hydraulic actuators, hydraulic tools, lubrication systems, filtration and cooling systems, accumulator stations, nitrogen high-pressure systems, patented electro-hydraulic safety controls in compliance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 – SIL 3, complete analysis programs for electro-hydraulic controls, hydraulic controls in modular design, and pipe installation and commissioning on both hydraulic/electrical sides.  

“And of course you'll get an operating manual, including safety instructions,” HYDAC Quality Assurance Manager Siegfried Bergmann says.

Mr Bergmann adds that a dedicated team of local engineers with expertise in turnkey hydraulics can design a customised hydraulic system in accordance with specified customer requirements. 

A good example of this is the design of a diesel barge hydraulic power unit for marine and dredging applications (specifications: 28kW, up to 65L/min, and up to 250 bar pump with torque control).

Mr Bergmann points out that HYDAC is motivated to provide a one-stop solution for its customers wherever possible as it assists HYDAC and the customer in their quest to have the best product engineering can provide.

“We find that our biggest challenge here is customer acceptance of our offering, but once on-board they provide the highest praise in the industry,” Mr Bergmann says.

“The fact of the matter is that sometimes a customer saves a few dollars but feels it later when the realisation hits that if they’d trusted the all-in-one package they would’ve been able to identify and resolve issues much more quickly and cheaply, and with future improvements.”

“This makes for a win-win situation for HYDAC and its customers.” 

Online store facilitates speedy product purchase

To support customers gain access to products speedily HYDAC has an online store in addition to the more traditional methods of product purchase.

Mr Bergmann highlights that a huge range of the market’s most commonly demanded products is held across Australia as well as OEM-specific parts.

“Other items may also be sourced through HYDAC Australia on demand and request wherever it is viable and commercially justifiable,” Mr Bergmann concludes. 

HYDAC online store is available

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