HYDAC load sensing LX6 valve bank pips PVG32 to goal post

HYDAC load sensing LX6 valve bank pips PVG32 to goal post

HYDAC provides a control solution to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specialising in the construction of mining, hydraulic service and flushing hydraulic power unit (HPU) skids, and impresses with its superior product, competitive pricing and steadfast support in the face of technical issues.

HYDAC new mobile load-sense valve LX-6


A mining service and flushing HPU skid OEM was facing both hydraulic technical and hydraulic componentry pricing issues.

Constant pricing pressure from customers had resulted in the HPUs being fitted with an assortment of competitor brand hydraulic componentry.

The decisions were often price-weighted when selecting some of these brands at the expense of application suitability and product quality, according to HYDAC Application Specialist Chris Sherwood.

“The opportunity for HYDAC to prove itself was presented when a competitor valve (PVG) and load sensing piston pump were incorrectly selected/plumbed, resulting in immediate and terminal pump failure.” 

The competitor supplier of the related hydraulic componentry was unresponsive to the OEM’s requests for resolution assistance on the issue, leaving it in a very difficult position as the HPU was past its delivery date.

HYDAC National Development Manager for Mobile Hydraulics Raj Singh and Mr Sherwood swiftly applied and adapted HYDAC’s LX6 valve to the application’s functional requirement.

“The HPU skid manufacturer was immensely impressed with the overall HYDAC service – including the LX6 valve’s superior performance in application – as well as being relieved,” Mr Sherwood says.  

He adds that unbeknownst to HYDAC the OEM skid manufacturer replaced the load sense piston pump with a fixed displacement gear pump on the build, resulting in the LX6 valve featuring an incorrect inlet section.

“The consequential issue was only discovered once the valve had been fitted and plumbed. Removal of the valve to change the inlet section plus the reinstallation would’ve resulted in an estimated loss of 15 hours of labour and additional contractual learning design and technology,” Mr Sherwood says.

The HYDAC team was again able to respond with “high technical” aftermarket service levels and rectify a “looming catastrophe”.

“With emphasised time constraints we leveraged on the local HYDAC service partner ‘LX6 Valve Build Centre’ and were quickly able to acquire the required corrective inlet section and rebuild the valve to suit. This resulted in a total time loss of three hours. When the respective OEM general manager arrived the following morning expecting to face the previous day’s problem he was surprisingly shocked yet impressed at the same time. A win for all parties involved,” Mr Sherwood says.

The LX6 valve’s superior controllability design attributes have resulted in safer and more efficient user functionality in application.

HYDAC Load-Sensing Sectional Control Valves LX-6


“The overall customer experience has contributed towards a fundamental change over and instatement of the HYDAC team as a preferred go-to for all associated hydraulic design and product requirements across respective HPU skid builds,” Mr Sherwood concludes.

For more information, email us on info@hydac.com.au.