HYDAC’s hydrogen solutions for e-mobility

HYDAC’s hydrogen solutions for e-mobility

HYDAC remains abreast of the worldwide movement to carbon-neutral mobility through its customised hydrogen solutions for e-mobility applications, among others, in urban infrastructure, industry and agriculture. 

A HYDAC spokesperson comments that HYDAC is particularly strong in its “hydrogen quality, hydrogen filtration, hydraulic power unit, cooling system and pressure sensor solutions for hydrogen refuelling stations”.

Hydrogen quality

In the interests of hydrogen quality HYDAC undertakes particle sampling via its PSA-H70 sampling device for hydrogen refuelling stations.

The device checks the technical cleanliness of 700 bar hydrogen fuel stations directly at the point of refuelling. Technical specifications for the device include nominal pressure of PN800, flow rate of 60g/s, and a filtration rating of 0,2µm and 5µm.

“The PSA sampling procedure, which is straightforward and provides an immediate indication about the situation at site, is used by automotive manufacturers and fuel station providers to check the quality of hydrogen after start-up and maintenance intervals at the stations. HYDAC also offers a sampling and analysis service,” HYDAC Australia National Development Manager for Automation, Control and IIoT says.

Hydrogen filtration program

HYDAC has the following products on offer for its hydrogen filtration program: gas filter GF1, gas filter GF3, gas coalesce filter GCF, and a gas particle filter GFH.

Technical specifications for these products span pressures of 400 bar to 1,050 bar; flow rates of 60g/s to 150g/s and 1kg/s to 160kg/s; and filtration ratings of 0.3µm to 250µm.

The stainless steel filter elements come in HYDAC’s patented Chemicron, which features no electrostatic charging; a pleated filter design that allows for maximum filtration area for optimal dirt-holding capacity; no fibre migration on the surface; and a graduated filter structure for maximum filter porosity to ensure he lowest pressure loss.  

Hydraulic power units

HYDAC’s hydraulic power units for hydrogen compression have the following advantages: an innovative filter concept for a dramatically reduced hydraulic tank; a load-sensing principle for high energy efficiency; intelligent cooling and heating for reduced energy consumption; and a modular building block system design for reduced design effort.

Cooling systems for hydrogen refuelling stations

The company’s cooling systems for gas compressors are used to cool hydraulic power units, piston heads and compressed hydrogen.

ATEX approved and compact water glycol circuits, with a wholly redundant pump unit, offer improved performance at the lowest noise level in an innovate pump-block solution, which is almost maintenance free.

Pressure transmitters

HYDAC’s pressure transmitter series for hydrogen applications are based on a robust and long-life thin-film sensor cell, which is welded onto the process connection, eliminating the requirement for seals within the fluid port connection. All parts in contact with the hydrogen are constructed out of approved stainless steel.

Pressure transmitter solutions for industrial hydrogen applications

HYDAC has on offer a range of pressure transmitters from the HDA 4400 series for use in industrial hydrogen applications such as hydrogen compressors and dispensers. These transmitters are approved for a variety of hydrogen applications in explosive atmosphere, which enables almost global use of this product range.

A double-approval version with ATEX and IECEx has been developed with ignition protection types ‘intrinsically safe’ and ‘non-incendive’. These devices are also available as a redundant version for implementing into systems requiring increased functional safety.

The transmitters with the ignition protection type ‘flameproof enclosure’ combine ATEX and IECEx certification as well as cCSAus certification. A cCSAus approval version is also available with ignition protection types ‘intrinsically safe’ and ‘non-incendive’.

Pressure transmitter solutions for mobile applications

The pressure transmitter series HDA 8400 has been developed for the use in mobile applications, i e for application in fuel cell electric vehicles such as automobiles, trucks and buses.

The device is certified according to type-approval regulations EC 79/2009 for hydrogen-driven vehicles. A variety of hydrogen-approved process connectors have been included in this certification for optimal integration into their respective applications.

For integration into modern controllers, standard analogue output signals are available for 4-20mA, 0.5-4.5V or 1-5V as well as ratiometric output signals. As for fixed electrical connection, a large variety of integrated connectors and diverse cable solutions common to mobile applications are available.

Product news

HYDAC GF1 with HYDAC Chemicron

The filtration technology for H2 applications up to 1,000 bar.

The GF1 ensures the technical cleanliness of hydrogen for hydrogen fuel stations up to 1,000 bar.

The combination of a filter housing specially developed for this application and unique filter element technology provides the greatest process stability with the best possible permeate quality.

The filter element can be changed in just a few minutes during maintenance, without removing the filter from the gas line.

“The design of the GF1 offers the maximum filtration area in the most compact dimensions and is therefore ideal for use on hydrogen fuel stations. The extremely robust stainless steel filter elements are noted for their outstanding differential pressure stability and resistance to pressure surges,” HYDAC National Development Manager for Automation, Control and lloT says.

“The Chemicron metal fibre fleece developed by HYDAC delivers defined filtration rates and maximum filter integrity. The combination of different filter layers prevents perforation of the filter material during the fuelling process.

“No resins at all are used in the construction of the filter element. This means that electrostatic charging is avoided and operation with aggressive media subject to extreme temperature fluctuations is possible.”

Advantages at a glance

  • TÜV verified
  • Superior permeate quality according to robust stainless steel filter element technology
  • Reliable filter design and high precise separation rate down to 0.1μm
  • Excellent differential pressure stability of up to 200 bar
  • No electrostatic charging
  • No use of resin
  • Easy maintenance and clean side protection without pipe dismantling
  • High chemical, mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Long service life – maximum filtration area in compact design

Technical specifications

  • Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Nominal pressure: 1,000 bar
  • Flow rate: 60g/s; 150g/s
  • Filter material: Stainless steel metal fibre fleece
  • Filtration rating: 0.1μm; 10μm
  • Connections: AUTOCLAV 3/8; 9/16

The stainless steel filter elements come in HYDAC’s patented Chemicron, which features no electrostatic charging; a pleated filter design that allows for maximum filtration area for optimal dirt-holding capacity; no fibre migration on the surface; and a graduated filter structure for maximum filter porosity to ensure the lowest pressure loss.