HYDAC Virtual Reality training

HYDAC Virtual Reality training

HYDAC Australia, a global company in the hydraulics and automation control, has partnered with Deakin Motion Lab (Deakin University) to create a Virtual Training environment. In this article, we share with you some experiences about the world of the Virtual Reality training.

The Virtual Reality Training technology brings together students and trainers from across the country, all interacting in real-time in the same virtual space.

The cutting edge technology allows for the first time, the unique possibility for students and trainers, all to be in different locations, and virtually come together in a bespoke virtual training space. It allows direct interaction with the equipment, real time instruction, feedback, verification of skills, and more.

HYDAC Australia Managing Director, Mr. Mark Keen, says that, “Through a direct experience of working in the machines and on the machines, we believe that, in a photorealistic world, the level of the training becomes deeper, the memory retention, the recall is better and the ultimate training outcome will be superior.”

And he continues, saying that “what the Virtual Reality brings to this possibility is that everyone can interact in real-time and in the same virtual space. With the trainer located in one place, the students can access the training from totally different locations at the same time, and they all meet together in the same virtual environment. In this virtual environment, they can communicate visually with hand signals, audibly with spoken commands. And, during the training, the trainer is able to maintain direct vision of the students’ activities, and to judge and guide them as they go through. This is as simple as it is because we don’t need a very special training space.”

Mr. Mark Keen also mention that “one of the big differences of this technology is that when the students and trainer are together in the Virtual Reality space, we can convey subtle things to them which are difficult to be done by doing a PowerPoint presentation or a standard type of training. We have positive verification of tasks, completion of tasks, and the possibility to have direct support from technical information and videos.”

HYDAC Virtual Training is an exciting project for Australian fluid power industry.

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