Industry 4.0 technologies as enablers in the fluid power industry

Industry 4.0 technologies as enablers in the fluid power industry

Industry 4.0 technology enablers are a group of diverse technologies – including machine learning, robots, additive manufacturing, and cloud technology – which all work together in an ecosystem, according to HYDAC Technical Training Manager Paul Marley, who has been involved in the fluid power industry for over 30 years as a hydraulic fitter and technical trainer.

Technologies of interest in the fluid power industry

In Industry 4.0, the collaboration between cloud technology and robotics is pivotal for comprehensive solutions. Predictive maintenance, a data-driven innovation, utilizes sensor technology for on-demand monitoring, forecasting, enhancing, and advancing condition monitoring. The inclusion of predictive maintenance into Industry 4.0 represents an evolution: using historical machine data for real-time predictions.

This evolution is essential for heightened efficiency and innovation, making the seamless convergence of cloud technology, robotics, and predictive maintenance a linchpin for success. The transition from traditional monitoring to predictive paradigms marks a tangible leap toward industry goals, underlining the transformative impact of advanced technologies in shaping the future of manufacturing.

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