Is it possible to stop oil degradation caused by moisture and water?

Is it possible to stop oil degradation caused by moisture and water?



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Is it possible to stop oil degradation caused by moisture and water? 

Yes, it is. It is achievable to stop oil degradation of a system by preventing oil contamination by moisture and water. HYDAC has developed the H2GO to help to avoid oil degradation in a system, leading to machines breakdown.

It operates according to the principle of vacuum dewatering to separate free and dissolved water, as well as dissolved gasses from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. 
Watch our new webinar about the H2GO water removal purifier. This webinar is presented by our Managing Director, Mr Mark Keen, it covers topics such as water removal from oil and how moisture and water can cause oil degradation.
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HYCOM, a world leader in hydraulic test equipment for aircraft maintenance, have gained the trust of aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing.
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