KineSys and highly efficient variable speed drives go hand in hand

KineSys and highly efficient variable speed drives go hand in hand

KineSys and highly efficient variable speed drives have become synonymous: whether it be a complete system with drive controller and switching cabinet or just single components.

The DVA-Kit is a compact variable speed drive for hydraulic applications, with its characteristics being that of a perfect symbiosis between hydraulics and electromechanics.

Depending on the task, either a hydraulic or electromechanical solution is developed from a simple control right up to high dynamic controls. Needs-based designs ensure maximum efficiency and significantly reduce existing solution complexity. 

HYDAC KineSys motor-pump: user-friendly and energy-efficient

KineSys motor-pump units are user-friendly, energy-efficient and suitable for use in small to medium constant pressure systems.

The pre-configuration of the system comprises a standard electric motor with an integral frequency inverter coupled to an external gear pump. The system is completed through the addition of a connection block with pump protection. It doesn’t end there, with an optional accumulator on the cards. 

Moreover, adapting the KineSys solution to conditions can lead to a reduction in power dissipation to a minimum.  

Furthermore, full parameterisation and coordination in the drive system’s frequency inverter enables use in various fields of application. The internal control system allows a supply of pressure and flow rate in line with demand, and the realisation of the basic hydraulic control system happens via a function module, which is flanged directly to the pump. 

Digital solutions for your drive system from KineSys

Technical data

Technical data includes the following:

  • An electronic variable displacement pump
  • Fully parameterised Plug&Play unit
  • External and internal gear pumps
  • Power 0.75kW to 200kW
  • Availability of various function modules



Benefits include the following: 

  • Continuous operation with constant pressure possible for specific applications
  • Possibility to integrate a variable speed accumulator charging, with switch-off function
  • Variable pressure and flow level
  • Electrical connection only via frequency

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