KineSys – DVA

KineSys – DVA


The Variable Speed Drive (DVA) features a power range from 0.75 up to 22 kW with various pressure and flow level.
Valve blocks can be mounted directly on the pump and it has a readily configured plug and play unit.


For use in constant-pressure systems with small to medium power, the variable-speed motor pump groups are user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. The pre-configured systems consist of a standard motor with assembled inverter and attached external gear pump. A hydraulic block with pressure relief valve and optional accumulator completes the system.


  • Available in the power range from 0.75 up to 22 kW
  • Optional internal gear pump
  • Valve block can be mounted directly on the pump
  • Tank mounting with adapter block possible
  • Ready configured to plug and play unit

Product advantages:

  • Continuous operation with constant pressure possible
  • Variable speed accumulator charging unit with shut down function integrable
  • Variable pressure and flow level
  • Various control algorithms integrated

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