‘Lubricants and their properties’ course vital

‘Lubricants and their properties’ course vital

Having a sound understanding of lubricants and their properties is vital knowledge in the field of fluid power.

This is according to HYDAC Training Manager Paul Marley.

HYDAC therefore offers its ‘Lubricants and their properties’ online course - focused on lubrication, viscosity, density filtration, and cleanliness principles – for a duration of 70-minutes at a cost of AU$55.  

“In my experience as a trainer, people who come in who’ve had experience in the industry know the least about lubricants. If there’s anything that’s going to be new to them it’s what the lubricant does and how it works,” Mr Marley points out.

“This is because lubricants are not properly taught in the national curriculum - the same story - even though lubricants are vital because it’s all about the lubricant.

“Almost nobody can describe the functions of lubricants!” 

At the end of the course students are far more knowledgeable as evident in a quiz designed to validate student learning has taken place, Mr Marley concludes. 

Lubricants and their properties

Course structure

The course commences with an introduction on lubricants and their properties, followed by several sections: 


The lubrication section covers lubrication, and types of wear.

Viscosity section

The viscosity section covers viscosity; ISO viscosity grades; viscosity demonstration; viscosity limits; graphing viscosity grades; and effects of high and low viscosity.

Other properties’ section 

The other properties’ section covers oil compressibility, and fluid types. 

Cleanliness and filtration principles section

The cleanliness and filtration principles’ section covers filtration and cleanliness principles.

Quiz and feedback survey

The quiz and feedback survey section quizzes students on lubricants and their properties to determine knowledge retention as well as giving students the opportunity to participate in a feedback survey. 

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