Machine to Machine Connectivity

Machine to Machine Connectivity

Machine to machine connectivity (M2M) refers to the ways and means in which devices communicate with each other via wired and wireless communication channels. Used in the utilities and transport industries for decades, the technology has now crossed over into the mainstream.

M2M is essentially the beginning stage that evolved into The Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to the wide variety of technologies that enable businesses to exchange information generated by connected devices as a means of pushing forward with specific business processes. If most of these IoT processes are related to increasing revenue and decreasing operational costs, then it makes sense that machine connectivity will be a key driving force of IoT, but it’s capable of adding significant value elsewhere too.

The Key Differences Between M2M Connectivity and IoT

In short, both machine to machine connectivity and IoT refer to the communications between two devices. Where they differ is that while M2M refers to singular instances of device to device communication, IoT takes it to the next level by employing vertical software stacks to power and manage communications between several wired and wireless devices.

The key characteristics between the two are:


  • Point to point communication is typically fixed within the hardware at the client’s site
  • Majority of communication devices use cellular or wired networks
  • Communication devices are not necessarily reliant upon an internet connection
  • Options for integration are minimal, because devices must have communication standards that correspond with each other


  • Communication between devices uses IP networks, which are incorporated with a range of communication protocols
  • Delivery of data is transmitted through a cloud-hosted middle layer
  • A working internet connection is required for a majority of communication devices
  • Options for integration are infinite, but they need a viable solution that can accommodate all communications

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