‘Maintain Hydraulics 2’ course for modern oil hydraulics

‘Maintain Hydraulics 2’ course for modern oil hydraulics

HYDAC’s ‘Maintain Hydraulics 2’ course centres on the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, troubleshoot and maintain modern oil hydraulic systems. 

The three-day course is nationally recognised - if certain criteria are met - through HYDAC’s partnership with Swinburne University of Technology, comments HYDAC National Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Agius. 

Course structure

Most of the course revolves around practical exercises that facilitate good student understanding of components and their functions within a system. 

The exercises often revolve around testing components and evaluating the need for repair followed by a discussion on repair possibilities, methods and actions.  

This often includes highlighting safe working methods, referring to industrial catalogues and standards, and demonstrating the need and use of service records. 

“The course is comprehensive in terms of gaining a good understanding of hydraulic symbols and schematics and hydraulic cartridge, pressure control, and compound relief directional control valves to gear pumps and vane pumps, among many others, according to Mr Agius. 

“Exercises vary from planning and performing a performance evaluation for a pressure control valve and investigating a pressure relief valve to disassembling and examining a pilot operated directional control valve, repairing hydraulic components and determining pump efficiency with a pressure/flow test to name a few.”

Course topics

The course covers: 

  • Hydraulic system components with catalogues
  • Identification, inspection and testing of components
  • Understanding component characteristics
  • Assessment of performance against specifications
  • Localising components and system faults
  • Repair and/or replacement of faulty components
  • Selection of appropriate repair and/or replacements
  • Reassembly and testing of components against specifications
  • Writing and maintaining service reports and records

For the course to be nationally recognised the student needs to successfully complete both ‘Maintain Hydraulics 2’ (part one of two) and ‘Maintain Hydraulics 3’ (part two of two) within a twelve-month period.

Textbook requirements

The course requires a 401-page textbook, Purchase Hydraulics – Basics and Components, on sale for those who attend the course at around AU$155 (excluding GST). The good news is that it’s the same textbook used for courses ‘Basic Hydraulics 1’ and ‘Maintain Hydraulics 3’.

The course is held in Victoria (Altona), Western Australia (Bayswater), and Queensland (Banyo) at a cost of AU$1,290. 

“Only people who have completed the ‘Basic Hydraulics 1’ course or an equivalent are eligible for this course, subject of course to Covid restrictions and requirements,” Mr Agius concludes.

For further information, visit HYDAC Training website or email training@hydac.com.au.

HYDAC Maintain Hydraulics 2 textbook

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