Maintenance-free water filtration solution for hydro power plant – look no further than HYDAC

Maintenance-free water filtration solution for hydro power plant – look no further than HYDAC

AGL Hydro gets the right help from HYDAC when it comes to seal water solutions and bearing protection for increased reliability of its Banimboola Hydroelectric Power Station.

“HYDAC’s self-cleaning water filter offers the perfect solution for clean water supply without the hassle of routine maintenance,” highlights HYDAC Automation and Control Engineer Dirshan Daby.


AGL Hydro supplies about two per cent (1280MWh) of the electrical energy used in Victoria every year, according to its website, as well as crucial support to the electricity system in the event of peak demand periods or other generator outages

The Australian utility’s hydroelectric power stations are located in Victoria and NSW, with three primary hydro schemes in the Kiewa, Dartmouth and Eildon catchment areas in Victoria.


The hydro scheme at Mount Beauty, a small town in north-eastern Victoria located alongside the Kiewa River at the junction of the Kiewa Valley Highway and Bogong High Plains Road, was looking for an innovative solution to help it cope with blocked filter strainers after heavy rainfall.

“Blocked filter strainers could pose a serious threat to the sensitive mechanical seal of the turbine shaft,” Mr Daby says.

He explains that river water contamination levels increase drastically after heavy rains, resulting in premature blocking of the existing filter strainers used at the hydroelectric power station.

“Since the Banimboola power station is unmanned and at least one and a half hour drive from AGL’s Mount Beauty office, the maintenance of these strainers was proving expensive, time-consuming and potentially damaging if not carefully monitored,” he says.

HYDAC backflushing filter autofit RF4


Mr Daby points out that to overcome this problem HYDAC presented AGL with its range of low maintenance self-cleaning water treatment filters.

“For application of sealing water filtration, HYDAC Australia specified the proven RF4 auto backwash filter as a solution,” he says.

The RF4 auto backwash filter was sized up to cater for a flow rate of 60L/min and a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Based on the water source and type of contamination present, a full stainless steel wedge wire with 100 micron rating was supplied.

 “Being an automatic backwash filter, the filter uses pressure transmitters to monitor the pressure differential inside the filter. As the contaminants build up inside the filter the pressure will rise to reach a set tripper point. At that moment the filter will then begin its backflush cycle whereby the water will be reversed, forcing out the contaminants through a valve. This automated process allows the customer to enjoy a low maintenance and self-cleaning filter and gives them the peace of mind that their critical assets are looked after,” he says.

“The fact that it’s made out of stainless steel is also ideal as water doesn’t have the power to corrode it.”

Mr Daby says that since the filter was installed the customer has been running operations “trouble-free” and is satisfied with filter performance.


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