Measuring Devices in Fluid Technology

Measuring Devices in Fluid Technology

HYDAC is a leader in measurement devices for a range of fluid technology measurement tasks. We offer a variety of simple measurement systems that are capable of measuring fluid contamination and solid particles, with options that are suitable for both lab work and rough field conditions. Our devices are designed to help you avoid unexpected downtime and reduce operating costs by allowing for appropriate preventative maintenance. Continue reading to learn more about the available measuring devices offered by HYDAC.

Handheld Measuring Instruments

Our handheld measuring devices are suitable for taking on the go and are ideal for servicing and maintenance applications. They feature different sensors such as temperature and pressure that can connect to a wide range of output signals.

Available options in this category include:

  • HMG 500
  • HMG 510
  • HMG 2500
  • HMG 4000

Contamination Measurement Devices

Contamination measurement devices are used to identify and record solid particle contamination and water saturation.

Our measuring devices in this category include:

  • FCU 2000
  • ALPC 9000
  • FMM
  • CSM 1000
  • FFMS
  • FCU 5000
  • WTK
  • FCU 8000
  • FCU 1000
  • CSM 2000
  • CSM Economy

Measuring Units for Condition Monitoring

Our measuring devices for condition monitoring work together with sensor systems to automatically detect and measure fluid. The condition information can then be communicated for reliable condition monitoring.

Our available condition monitoring measuring units include:

  • CMU 1000
  • CSI-F-10
  • MCMS 2000

To learn more about our available measuring devices in fluid technology, speak to the experts at HYDAC today.