Mobile controllers stand steady under duress

Mobile controllers stand steady under duress

HYDAC Australia offers a wide range of off-the-shelf TTControl products ranging from powerful CODESYS high-end controllers to cost-effective, mid-size electronic control units (ECUs) used to manage mobile machinery and off-highway vehicles functioning in harsh environmental conditions. 


The products fulfil safety integrity and performance levels up to SIL2 and PLd to meet off-highway vehicle harsh environments.

All devices are tested under extremely harsh conditions and a compact and automotive-style aluminium pressure die-cast housing protects electronic circuits.

Interconnection of several ECUs is possible via CAN bus to form a network, with the programming of the units in either C or CODESYS.


Key characteristics

Key characteristics include:

  • suitability for a wide range of applications,
  • certification according to EN ISO 13849 (PLd) and IEC 61508 (SIL2),
  • compliance with functional safety standards,
  • high-performance processors,
  • software-configurable I/Os for many different sensors and actuator types, and
  • a broad range of open programming environments, including C and CODESYS (V2.3, V3, Safety SIL2 V3)


Safety certified controllers

The following safety certified controllers are on offer.


TTC 2300 family

The functional and safety certified TTC 2300 family includes mid-sized control units for smart mobile machines that enable high performance and support faster development cycles.


HY-TTC 508/510/540/580/590


The HY-TTC 500 family consists of high-end safety control units designed to satisfy upcoming needs of a wide range of high-end applications such as construction and agricultural machines.




HY-TTC 94 is a top-level electronic control unit of the HY-TTC 50 controller family, offering enhanced flexibility and safety.


HY-TTC 30S/32S


The HY-TTC 30S and HY-TTC 32S controllers are safety certified variants of HY-TTC 30 and HY-TTC 32.



General purpose controllers


General purpose controllers include:




HY-TTC 77 is a powerful electronic control solution for the off-highway industry with 12V power supply.




HY-TTC 71 is an ideal controller for smaller machines such as small wheel loaders, small excavators, or small rollers with 12V power supply.




HY-TTC 60 is part of the HY-TTC 50 controller family, offering excellent flexibility.




HY-TTC 50 is a powerful yet cost-effective, electronic control unit.


HY-TTC 30/32


HY-TTC 30/32 is a compact control unit specifically developed for use in cost-sensitive applications or smaller machines.



Latest ECU: TTC2300

There is much information on available ECUs but the focus here is on the TTC 2300 as TTControl’s latest product family of rugged electronic control units.

The TTC2300 is designed to meet the requirements of current and future mobile machinery in demanding safety-relevant applications.


Integrated PXROS real-time operating system with multicore support


The TTC 2300 product family, delivered with a real-time operating system providing a high level of application robustness and responsiveness to safety events, can be programmed in either C API or CODESYS Safety SIL2.

Mixed-criticality support allows safety-related and non-safety-related code to be executed on the same CPU without reducing the overall safety level.

This leads to low development costs of mobile machinery electronics and fast time to market.

A rich and flexible I/O setup to 60 highly configurable I/Os is available and can be initialised at the application level as different types of inputs or outputs.


TTC 2300 perfect fit for hydraulics control


Besides analogue and digital timer inputs, the ECU is equipped with HS PWM and PVG outputs. This ensures that the various hydraulic valves used in off-highway machines can be controlled, making the TTC 2300 the perfect fit for hydraulics control.

Several current measurement feedback loops and plausibility checks form part of the design that enables self-diagnosis of the vehicle and various safety architectures.

For efficient memory management, data logging and configuration, a filesystem is provided. The bootloader is compatible with Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) for standardised vehicle diagnosis and software updates.

In an emergency case, up to two safety groups of freely assignable output pins can be deactivated via an external switch. This enables easy and cost-efficient implementation of an emergency button to the machine.

Applications fields include agricultural machines, construction, material handling machines, and municipal vehicles.

TTControl is a joint-venture company of TTTech Group and HYDAC International.



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