New HYDAC Varnish Elimination Unit: VEU-F

New HYDAC Varnish Elimination Unit: VEU-F

The service-friendly Varnish Elimination Unit VEU is used to condition mineral oils. They are particularly effective at removing oil aging products (varnish) from mineral oils.

Varnish takes the form of insoluble oil aging products which settle in the tank, in valves or in bearings. These can be filterable gels or solid paint-type deposits.

The VEU-F series is used offline. The removal of varnish is based on reducing the oil solubility for varnish with subsequent filtration.


Removal of solid or gel-like oil aging products in lubrication and hydraulic systems, e.g. in:

  • Presses
  • Machine tools
  • Systems with H1 food-grade oils
  • Turbine lubrication


  • Increased operating reliability of the system as a result of fewer deposits in hydraulic valves
  • Increase in the oil service life
  • The unit is available as a complete unit for retrofitting to existing systems and for new systems

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