Today Is A Landmark Day!

Today Is A Landmark Day!

Today Is A Landmark Day
Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Today we begin smashing the old rules, smashing the prices and smashing the competition!
The New ANZ Web-Site is the culmination of 2 years of development.

We showcase Applications and Technology,
Capability & Quality ………….. and much more!
The new website also marks the release of the “eCommerce function” covering the broad majority of our
“ANZ Market Range” with a special focus on “Stocked Items”.

For the first time, HYDAC open its supply to the Web!
To ensure HYDAC remains competitive in this aggressive on-line market place, we have reduced list prices on thousands of items. All Remain Premium Grade German+ EU+ USA made!
Most product categories are revised and all products market tested to ensure that we are very competitive against the major players (and many minor ones too).

For account customers, there is a new “My HYDAC” with updated “HYSPEED” so all distributors and resellers will gain access to the sales portal.

Fast and efficient!

Easy to use, full of information, photographs and drawings, weights and dimensions, user manuals, specifications and brochures, everything at your finger-tips.
We are very proud to offer the most advanced and user-friendly solution to the market, to bring all important information to an easy-access point and to ensure that all orders are processed instantly with the greatest accuracy and efficiency.
Welcome To HYDAC 2020!      My HYDAC