New Varnish Elimination Unit and Spectrophotometer Kit

New Varnish Elimination Unit and Spectrophotometer Kit

Varnish build-up is a problem for many oil-based lubrication and hydraulic systems.

We are proud to announce 2 new products designed and built in HYDAC Australia to eliminate and monitor varnish in oil.

The “VEU” is a Varnish Elimination Unit. It is rugged and portable. The self-contained unit is unique in that it can be applied to a working system with no requirement to stop or interference with the operation. It is, therefore, a real on-line & on-load varnish solution.

How do I know if I have varnish? How can I tell how much I have? How can I tell when it is eliminated?

The new Patch Test Kit, HYDAC Patch Kit – MPC is the answer.The new kit includes a Spectrophotometer and allows you to do your own MPC tests with no need to pay for expensive laboratory results and no need to wait!

The Spectrophotometer is calibrated to ASTM-D7843-12 and with this kit you have all you need to check and control varnish. Again, this is a locally designed and built system suited to Australian conditions and when used in conjunction with the VEU, provides you with the complete management and varnish treatment solution.

We think you will love it. Contact our sales team for more details and full specifications.