Online Monitoring Remote Access

Online Monitoring Remote Access

Many production systems require condition monitoring as a means of being able to design and implement predictive maintenance programs based on the condition of the system. The process of condition monitoring involves the acquisition and interpretation of data and uses a specially designed program or a tool like CM-Expert that can be installed on any PC.

Condition monitoring can record factors ranging from temperature to differential pressure, water content, particles, flow rate and more. The practice can be used in a variety of applications, including steel works, wind turbines, hydraulic presses, machine tools, test stands and more. When conducting online condition monitoring of any production systems, you can do it one of two ways; either directly on-site using the CM-Expert, or via remote data access.

Discover How Remote Data Access Can Help You

The CM-Expert remote data access version is often best suited to areas such as wind-generated energy, mobile hydraulics and various other applications based offshore.

The benefits of having remote data access for a condition monitoring system include:

  • Frequent monitoring and recording of any ambient conditions and automated messages from the production media when defined service-limits are reached (e.g. filter change)
  • Instant warning even when defined limits are exceeded
  • Avoids unnecessary maintenance on systems where access is difficult
  • Prevention of major breakdowns by means of early detection
  • Optimisation of the maintenance intervals
  • Decrease in the costs of repair and maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Deterrence of significant damage to structures or natural items

HYDAC’s CM-Expert makes condition monitoring easy. Find out more by contacting HYDAC today.