Power generation – Transformer Care Unit

Power generation – Transformer Care Unit

Extending the service life of transformers

The average age of the transformers, which fails due to insulation damage, is 17.8 years; it is far below the expected lifetime of 35 to 40 years.

There are several things that reduce the service life of the transformer.Most of them are related to the insulation, such as electrical / electro-magnetic overstress, ageing, oxidation and hydrolysis of insulation (cellulose) and insulation oil. This reduction can also be caused by the thermal effects due to load fluctuations and wear in the on-load tap changer; but in general,the insulation is the cause of most transformers breakdowns.
The consequences of not taking care of the transformer’s insulation and the insulation oil can be drastic. There will be gas formation due to degradation or electrical overstress, the occurrence of water, overheating, formation of acids due to ageing of the oil and cellulose, formation of particles in the on-load tap changer due to wear and, a considerable reduction in the breakdown voltage caused by water, particles, gases and acids.

Extension of the remaining life expectancy of the insulation through continuous service.

The HYDAC service unit named TCU – Transformer Care Unit brings a solution to this problem by extending the operating life of oil-filled transformers and reactors. This product provides a continuous degassing, dewatering and filtration of the insulation oil, ensuring that the oxygen content, water content and particle contamination in the transformer, are kept low and the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil is increased.Indeed, the service life of the product can be extended by a factor of three, allowing the TCU to be used throughout the life of the transformers.

HYDAC Transformer Care Unit

The TCU can easily be used in a variety of applications: power transformers, compensating throttle pumps, HVDC transformers, phase shifter transformers, poly-transformers and single-phase transformers.

Transformer Care Unit Applications

In summary, using the Transformer Care Unit will preserve the insulating property of the transformer oil; it will increase the operating reliability and extend the remaining service life of the transformer by slowing down the process of cellulose ageing.