A new pre-charge pressure calculator now available on your HYDAC Tools app!

A new pre-charge pressure calculator now available on your HYDAC Tools app!

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Pre-charge pressure (p0) calculator now available on your HYDAC Tools app.

A new feature has been added to our HYDAC Tools app, which can be found in the software section!
The new pre-charge pressure (p0calculator allows you to measure the hydraulic accumulator’s pre-charge pressure (p0) at a specific measured temperature (T).

1. The reference temperature (T0) is the temperature at which HYDAC sets and/or calculates the corresponding reference pre-charge pressure (p0). In general, it is 20°C (ambient temperature). The input field contains the value as a default value and should not be changed if possible.

2. Find the reference pre-charge pressure (p0) on the hydraulic accumulator (labelled on the accumulator shell or engraved on the nameplate). Please, refer to the accumulator instruction manual for this part.

3. The accumulator temperature (T) is the measured surface temperature on the gas side of the accumulator.

4. The result field shows the pre-charge pressure (p0) that corresponds to the measured accumulator temperature (T).

Example (see image above):
In a hydraulic accumulator with a given reference pre-charge pressure (p0) of 90 bar at a reference temperature (T0) of 20°C, a pre-charge pressure (p0) of 100 bar (nitrogen pressure) is set when the current measured temperature (T) on the accumulator shell is 46.75°C. After the accumulator has cooled down to 20°C, the pre-charge pressure (p0) also drops to the reference of 90 bar.

If you don’t have our Tools app, download it now from your favourite app store.

HYDAC is introducing HYDAC QR codes

This is a faster and easier way to access your product documentation. Just by scanning our QR codes on your mobile device, you can view data-sheets, manuals, hydraulic and electrical schematics, 3D models and more.

Online documentation for HYDAC hydraulic accumulators

QR codes are now available on selected hydraulic accumulators plates.
Scanning them will give you access to brochures, operating instructions and installations on your device.

The HYDAC AR app received a new update!

The app now has a new technology for native image tracking, which makes the Augmented Reality experience more stable and reliable.

Due to this update, our app now requires an ARCore / ARKit supported device. If your device is supported, the app will update automatically. If your device is not supported, please uninstall the app as the previous version will not work properly.

List of supported devices

Our 2020 technical training calendar is now available online!
Check out our new training course dates.

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A turnkey solution aiming to increase the lifetime of gearboxes. 

The current industrial gearbox market is very competitive, and each of the main players is looking at ways to further improve the reliability of their products.
With this in mind, HYDAC in close collaboration with SEW Eurodrive Australia designed a new innovative solution called “The Guardian Angel.” This is a turnkey solution offering condition monitoring and isolation.

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