Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is one of the most crucial factors in any form of technology in the Industry 4.0 age. It enables necessary improvements to the functionality of vital machinery, therefore enhancing productivity in industries such as manufacturing and logistics, rail, oil and gas, agriculture and many others. Practices and procedures inherent to predictive maintenance are implemented in order to determine and evaluate the condition of presently-operating machinery so the point at which it becomes vital to perform essential maintenance can be easily determined. This helps to minimise machinery down time and keep productivity at a maximum so there’s less risk of financial loss (and of course less risk of machine-related injury).

Compared to time-based or routine maintenance, predictive maintenance offers a cost-effective alternative, as servicing tasks are only carried out only when they need to be.

TT Connect Wave

One piece of technology that is often used for the purposes of predictive maintenance is the TT Connect Wave from HYDAC. This high-performance IoT gateway is designed to facilitate remote data access and is manufactured to sync your vehicle or machine via wireless interfaces. The TT Connect Wave has been designed and manufactured for maximum durability in the most rugged of conditions. In addition to wireless and cellular connectivity, it also offers commonplace in-vehicle connection options such as Ethernet, USB and CAN. Other functions it can provide in addition to predictive maintenance and remote data access include basic machine data monitoring, data logging and more advanced capabilities such as prognostics.

To find out more about the TT Connect Wave and how it can assist you, contact HYDAC today.