Preventative Maintenance 4.0

Preventative Maintenance 4.0

Known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 combines the merger of cutting-edge information and communication technology into systems. These systems possess preventative maintenance capabilities, allowing them to predict failure and ensure the wellbeing of the system. This also implies that sensors incorporated into these systems must have the ability to collect key statistical data. They then transmit this data into data collecting environments where better key decisions can be made.

HYDAC takes preventative maintenance further into the realm of oil/diesel fuel analysis with the use of on-line sensors. These sensors are able to gather key data on oil/fuel condition and make this information available immediately online.

Fluid Control Unit – FCU 1310 / FCU 1315

At HYDAC, we can help you with your Preventative Maintenance 4.0 project. We provide the Fluid Control Unit (FCU 1310 and FCU1315) as a portable service instrument for the temporary measurement of both solid particle contamination and water saturation in hydraulic systems and diesel fuels.

The new HYDAC FCU 1315 has a specific design for diesel fuel applications for a use in fuel storage and transfer applications.

Thanks to the integrated data memory and the possibility of transferring measured values to stationary or mobile devices, we can document the degree of contamination of fluids and analyse trend developments.

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