Process technology – Fuel gas filtration

Process technology – Fuel gas filtration


Fuel gas (natural gas) is utilised as an energy source for the gas turbine, which is used to drive generators or centrifugal compressors. The natural gas is transported through pipelines and, in general, does not meet the cleanliness quality needed.

This leads to increased wear and tear on components and causes high maintenance and repair costs. Fuel injectors, valves and turbine blades are the components usually affected.

HYDAC offers a wide range of filter products as a solution. For each situation, a wide range of materials for the filter housings and filter elements can be selected.

The best suitable filter element technology is subject to regular quality checks in our own laboratories. HYDAC offers high-quality filter element technology constantly improved through our field experience, research and development

Product advantages:

  • Optimised filter design
  • High-quality filter element technology
  • Low-cost and high-tech solutions for each application.

Areas of applications:

  • Oil & Gas (Offshore / Onshore)
    Gas turbine to drive turbo compressor / generator.
  • Large power plants
    Gas turbine to drive a generator for power generation.