Product Safety Controllers for High-End Applications

Product Safety Controllers for High-End Applications

No matter how carefully designed and manufactured a high-end electronic application might be, there remains a likelihood of risk of failure and potential hazard. Therefore it’s vital for a safety controller to be installed to offset the potential risk. A safety controller is a particular form of electronic control unit which serves a key purpose of controlling one or more of the electronic systems found in a vehicle or other high end application such as construction and agricultural machinery. There are several types of safety controller currently available on the market; some with CODESYS technology and some without. All are available from the local suppliers and manufacturers at HYDAC. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Different Types of Safety Controller

Looking for a safety controller to accommodate the demands of a specific high-end application like farming or construction equipment? Take a look at the options available from HYDAC below.

HY-TTC 510/540/580

The 500 family of safety controllers has been designed with future needs of high-end applications in mind. These high-end controllers are easily programmable (in C or CODESYS) and are encased in a compact protective casing, making them suitable for tough environments.


You can enjoy greater flexibility and improved safety with this top-of-the-line electronic control unit in the HY-TTC 50 safety controller family.

HY-TTC 30S/32S

These safety controllers provide a safety-certified alternative to the standard 30/32 models, and have been designed to comply with the ISO 13849 International Safety Standard.

For qualified assistance on determining the most suitable CODESYS programmable safety controller for your specific high-end need, contact the professionals at HYDAC.