Product Spotlight – IO Link Digital Communication Interfaces

Product Spotlight – IO Link Digital Communication Interfaces

The IO link (IO short for Input/Output) facilitates the communication between its sensors and actuators and either the industrial Fieldbus or Ethernet to which it’s connected. The primary aim is to deliver a workable technological platform that uses the sensors and actuators to produce and interpret important data generated for specific automated processes and operations. IO link devices are comprised of an IO Link master and at least one IO Link device – usually sensors or actuators. The master may have one or more IO link ports, though only a single device can be connected at any one time.

The versatility of the IO link device means that it can be many things for many applications. Thanks to the inclusion of smart sensors, it can be an intelligent sensor, an actuator or a hub. And due largely to its biodirectional communication abilities, it can also operate as a mechatronic component.

Five Key Reasons to Use IO Link

There are many reasons to use IO Link as your primary digital communication interface. Here are just five of them:

  • Reduce your costs due to minimised complexity in your machinery
  • Gives the opportunity to realise innovative machine concepts and opens up further opportunities for innovation
  • Reduces commissioning times, as IO Link uses unshielded cables and industry standard connection plugs
  • Enhance machinery productivity, as IO link devices can configure themselves automatically
  • Revolutionise your maintenance and repairs, including predictive maintenance

For further information on IO link devices, smart sensors and the IO Link digital communication interface and how they can enhance productivity and processes in your business, contact HYDAC today.