Quality made quality every time and on time

Quality made quality every time and on time

HYDAC is committed to ‘quality-made’ within a total quality offering as the only option, and this means supplying products and services to our customers right the first time, every time, and on time.

This is according to HYDAC National Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Agius. 

“A quality product that is quality made is essential, but it goes beyond this to include quality customer service, which involves all members and aspects of the company. Total quality effectively embraces all activities within HYDAC and is maintained at all levels to guarantee customer satisfaction and ideally exceed customer expectation.”

Mr Agius explains that this is often achieved through the integration of a quality management system to all related department functions.

Frontline for ISO certifications

HYDAC Australia has been ISO certified since 2013, with certification commencing with ISO 9001.

“Of interest is that we were one of the first fluid power companies to receive ISO certification 9001:2015,” Mr Agius says.

This standard - the world’s most recognised quality management system - outlines a set of standards that help organisations ensure that the expectations of business customers and other stakeholders are more effectively delivered.

In 2014/15, HYDAC expanded its certification to OH&S ISO 18001 and environmental certification ISO 14001.

Following that, in 2020, HYDAC met requirements for the internationally recognised standard ISO 45001 in 2020.

ISO 45001, a globally recognised occupational health and safety standard, was created to help reduce workplace risks, improve employee safety, and generally create safer working conditions.

The company’s quality system certifications and endorsements are audited by SAI Global at set intervals.  

The requirements for ISO 14001 and 45001 are more exacting in terms of occupational health and safety and the environment because they are legally binding, Mr Agius explains.  

Currently HYDAC has its eye on becoming a certified Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) member in order to better service the defence sector. 

HYDAC Quality Assurance Manager Siegfried Bergmann points out that the HYDAC Group maintains a “huge variety of certifications, with the “list filling a whole booklet” but that the standard for all HYDAC Group companies is ISO 18001, 45001, and 9001.

These certifications ensure that HYDAC products and systems meet stringent quality standards from engineering to manufacturing and testing, Mr Agius says. 

HYDAC ISO quality certifications

Quality made in Germany and elsewhere

Mr Agius points out that HYDAC products are not just sourced from Germany but also from the UK and European Union countries such as Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. 

Mr Bergmann adds that “HYDAC is not a single-point manufacturer though as we have manufacturing plants worldwide, with the highest standards in the industry”.

“Our engineering originates from a centre of excellence but it's decentralised and innovations are shared globally to ensure HYDAC always uses the intellectual capacity of its employees around the globe.” 

Mr Bergmann underscores that products manufactured outside HYDAC Germany are subject to the same scrutiny as products manufactured in Germany. 

In addition to products the company provides support in the form of on-site reliability audit programs; cleanliness solutions for oil and fuel; calibration services; engineering advice; bespoke design, drawings, and systems; hydraulic services; technical training and predictive maintenance/Industry 4.0 solutions, among many others, to ensure a quality offering. 

Sustainable environment part of quality offering

HYDAC Germany is committed to sustainable packaging and waste reduction, and this filters through to all divisions of the company globally, with HYDAC Australia being a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), Mr Bergmann says.

HYDAC is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

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