Reasons to Use IO-Link

Reasons to Use IO-Link

An IO-Link is a powerful yet easy to understand protocol that is commonly used in the IT sector. There are various reasons why companies should use an IO-Link sensor. They can provide a considerable amount of information, plus they offer a high level of configurability and control. Read on to learn more.

Extensive Information

IO-Link provides users with a vast amount of detailed and up-to-date diagnostic information regarding devices via the Service Protocol Data Units (SPDU) service. With the large number of required parameters and device specific diagnostics available, the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has access to an almost unlimited amount of information.

Installation and Commissioning

If a new system needs to be installed or if an existing system has to be retrofitted, an IO-Link makes installing and commissioning a system significantly less challenging compared to traditional machine installations. Standard connectors and cables minimise how complex the wiring requirements are, making custom cables and connectors unnecessary. IO-Link’s parameterisation protocols simplify the new sensor configuration process by using standardised interfaces.

Operating Efficiency

IO-Link’s capability to recognise devices and give access to the devices’ parameters provide users with far more control than what legacy sensors and actuators can offer. As re-parameterisation can be automated, the potential downtime that can occur while production is being manually reconfigured can be decreased or eradicated altogether.


IO-Link provides users with complete access to the information they require to maintain an automation network and maximise productivity. IO-Link events will identify issues and possible process errors before they happen and cause further problems.

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