Reliability integral to HYDAC’s offering

Reliability integral to HYDAC’s offering

HYDAC is known for the reliability of its services, products, and systems.

These include:

  • Equipment suitability inspections
  • Oil and fuel management/maintenance programs
  • Online condition monitoring for oil and fuels
  • Predictive failure devices for monitoring lubrication and hydraulic oil
  • Portable and permanent filtration solutions for oil and fuel systems
  • Electronic solutions for oil and fuels
  • After sales service backup, and engineering consultancy services, amid many more.

After sales service backup significant factor

HYDAC OEM Project Coordinator Johnny Davis emphasises that after sales service backup is a “significant” factor in a company’s offering.

“It’s one thing to put a system out in the field but it’s the after sales backup support people need to know they can rely on,” Mr Davis says.

“There’s no question that this support is valued by our customers whether it’s them maintaining it as an in-house system, if you want to call it that, or whether they're on-selling it to another customer.

“Having global support with HYDAC in terms of spare parts is a huge comfort – whether that’s under a supply agreement or not.

“That’s the part side of it. We also have a service partner network. This means that if a customer is on-selling to a third party they can engage with a service partner in their local area that can do the maintenance as well.”

Locally engineered, manufactured, and tested products

Mr Davis says that reliability is ensured through products being locally engineered, manufactured and tested.

This includes the design of customised solutions such as bladder accumulator stations, heat exchangers/cooling systems and tank optimisation projects by local engineers.

Trusted reliability in condition monitoring solutions

Mr Davis highlights that now, more than ever with concerns around oil supply, logistics and the cost of oil, reliable condition monitoring services are critical to company success.

“The purpose of a condition monitoring system is to monitor and methodically optimise production and avoid downtime,” he says.

“The system is designed to provide maintenance engineers with information regarding the status of the machine, as well as advise process engineers on the state of the production process."

Also, he says, machine operators are notified of any errors or predictive failures in the system.

“In this regard it is of pivotal importance that the information provided by HYDAC’s systems and services is accurate and reliable time and time again because the consequences of incorrect data could result in substantial downtime losses to a customer.

“On a smaller scale, even the cost of changing out oil every service or every second service can be eliminated by monitoring the system and maintaining oil cleanliness,” he says.

Direct correlation between the profitability and efficiency of complete and reliable hydraulic and lubrication systems and fluid condition 

Mr Davis highlights that that there is a direct correlation between the profitability and efficiency of complete and reliable hydraulic and lubrication systems and the condition of the fluids typically used in them – oil cleanliness, for example.

“Once the connection between the two becomes clear, so too does the action that needs to be taken: cooling, continuous condition-based monitoring, and a well-engineered filtration system to guarantee the efficiency and operating reliability of the whole system,” he says.

Condition monitoring

Electrical and control system integration reliability

HYDAC’s highly experienced mechatronic engineers can help with reliable electrical system design, system integration, programming, visualisation, electrical starter and control panels, instrumentation, junction boxes, wiring, and technical support.

“The certification and endorsement of HYDAC’s Quality System by SAI Global confirms that the company is committed to quality and reliability,” Mr Davis says.

Bespoke design and drawings

When it comes to local hydraulic engineering design, HYDAC tools possess a high level of accuracy.

Drawings are precisely executed, with linear and geometrical tolerances, welding symbols, surface symbols, and sectioned and detailed views with datum from 0.0 coordinates or from centreline.

HYDAC created a complete customised power unit for a client with each drawing supplied with welds, material, and paint certificates.

“Feedback from customers is that they appreciate the level of detailed communication during each stage of the project, which gives them confidence that when they receive a customised product, they will receive what they’re looking for,” Mr Davis concludes.

HYDAC local design team

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