Talent finds its way to HYDAC

Talent finds its way to HYDAC

HYDAC Australia has attracted many accomplished and able people to its team and is keen to attract more of the same to positions currently opening.

The company’s ‘Inside HYDAC’ videos are a memorable way to get to know some employees and what HYDAC is all about.


Cooling Systems Intern Meriem Boukhaima

One of the most popular videos of all time is a video on HYDAC Cooling Systems Intern Meriem Boukhaima, who fascinates viewers with her account of moving from Morocco to Melbourne and finding her way in a man’s world.

Not all people have to cross oceans to join HYDAC, but that doesn’t mean their journeys aren’t just as interesting.


Automation and Control Engineer Christopher Michaels

Take Automation and Control Engineer Christopher Michaels, who graduated from HYDAC’s Professional Graduate Program.

In his video, Mr Michaels describes how he was attracted to HYDAC once he saw the integration between fluid power and electronic control systems as a mechatronics engineer.

He recounts in detail the skills he learned on the program and appreciation he has for HYDAC’s focus on “growing” graduates.


Chief CAD Designer and Coordinator Stefano Bettinelli

On the design side, Chief CAD Designer and Coordinator Stefano Bettinelli gives an account of his move from Italy to Melbourne and the concomitant requirement to improve his English.

He says he was motivated to return to HYDAC’s Melbourne branch – after a brief stint there – due to its family atmosphere and HYDAC Australia Managing Director Mark Keen’s visionary plan to make the company the leading hydraulic company in the Pacific area, which is in the process of taking place.

And after over a decade at HYDAC Australia he hasn’t regretted his decision one bit.


Warehouse Manager Prakash Boopalan

Warehouse Manager Prakash Boopalan describes the extent of support he received from HYDAC after suffering a car accident some years ago, especially from Mr Keen, in his video.

He emphasises that a family atmosphere permeates the company, which has helped with his recovery.

In addition, he says that everyday work diversity makes the experience of working at HYDAC very enjoyable.


Mechatronics Engineer David Villacis

Mechatronics Engineer David Villacis’ HYDAC journey is also an interesting one.

Mr Villacis hails from Ecuador but is now firmly ensconced in HYDAC’s ACE world.

Watching his video gives the viewer an experience of understanding how a 60-ton haul truck comes into being from the ground up, including challenge resolution relating to an electronic dashboard and error detection and reaction.

He emphasises that the opportunity to work with bright minded colleagues allows for continual learning and growth both personally and technically.


Electrical Assembly Worker James Marley

In his video, Electrical Assembly worker James Marley reiterates that HYDAC Australia’s ACE department has much to offer from a team of engineers, programmers, and electricians who all work together to execute any customised project required by a customer.

Of especial interest to Mr Marley are the ACE department’s PLC and automation capabilities as well as its extensive testing of products and equipment.


Current positions available


HYDAC Australia currently has many positions available for the right people.

“Don’t delay, send your resume today,” HYDAC Senior Marketing Specialist Eddie Alves concludes.

For further information on available positions visit: https://www.hydac.com.au/about-us/careers.html