The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Implementing a predictive maintenance strategy ensures that any equipment that requires maintenance will only be shut down just before imminent failure. This is achieved through the use of sensors that collect data in real-time and predict when an issue might occur. There are various benefits that users can gain from predictive maintenance, helping to significantly reduce how much time and money is spent on maintaining equipment.

Early Detection of Defects and Imminent Damage

The sensors used in predictive maintenance technology can detect various types of defects that aren’t noticeable or are hard to detect. Detecting defects in advance can save the plant from being impacted by bigger defects with huge ramifications.

Continuous Monitoring of the Machinery

Condition monitoring equipment is used to evaluate the performance of hydraulic and lubrication oil systems in real-time and quickly detect if the condition of the fluid is different from its normal condition. If the fluid becomes contaminated, it can cause the equipment’s components, subsystems and the system as a whole to shut down.  

Avoidance of Unplanned Machine and System Downtime

Machine and system downtime can occur due to a machine or process failure, and it is a very serious issue that no manufacturer can afford to experience. By conducting regular machine and system monitoring, potential issues that can cause a machine to shut down can be predicted to determine what piece of equipment may trigger such a failure in the first place and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Increased System Productivity

A machine’s performance is evaluated in real time through the use of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance equipment. The data that this equipment collects can help to improve a plant’s performance and how safe it is.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By knowing when machines require maintenance, companies can significantly reduce how much time and money is wasted on maintenance checks that end up being unnecessary. This will reduce maintenance costs over the long term, maximise productivity, and help the company make a profit. 

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