How does the TTConnect Cloud Platform Solution work?

How does the TTConnect Cloud Platform Solution work?

Being able to efficiently understand, build and monitor different types of machinery require systems that will facilitate the communication between the machine and the end-user.

With its TTConnect Wave & Cloud Platform, HYDAC offers such a solution. The Wave IoT Gateway collects the data from the DATA+ Edge PC (or other CAN based devices/ or mobile machines), and via the mobile network, sends the data to the cloud. This online cloud platform solution offers a working, complete and continually updated cloud platform to the user.

How does it work?

The TTConnect Cloud Platform enables the customer to access data from the office, their home or on mobile devices with a fully customisable, intuitive front end. The “Role Based Access” function allows the manager to control and limit what each user can see and do.

What’s more, this platform is customisable according to the customer’s needs:

  • Manage multiple assets
  • Dashboard with widgets
  • Create alarms and reports
  • Historically analyse data online
  • Manage software and update the software of connected TTControl ECUs.

What about data hosting?

The strength of the HYDAC TTConnect Wave & Cloud Portal solution is that we include data storage hosting, management, security, and full data redundancy.

Therefore the high upfront capital investment that is usually required to establish a platform like this is avoided.

This customised solution is a subscription-based service and is therefore available with different packages.

For example, the “Standard” Package includes:

  • 20 MB traffic/month included
  • Data to cloud update (1 min+)
    • The update time can be customised via the cloud platform.
  • Remote alarms (via emailing)
  • GPS Location mapping
    • Report generation (such as cyclic alarms)
  • 6-month storage
    • Data can be extracted at any time in excel format
    • Data may also be forwarded to another cloud using API’s at an extra cost
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Bidirectional communication (set points of the Edge control device can be modified via the cloud platform).