TTControl is selected as electronics supplier for the first hybrid power fire truck worldwide

TTControl is selected as electronics supplier for the first hybrid power fire truck worldwide

First hybrid power fire truck worldwide

The Rosenbauer RT is the first electrically powered fire truck all over the world. To protect those who risk their lives every day, Rosenbauer planned its new fire truck with an eye on functional safety. The globally renowned manufacturer wants to prevent the possibility that embedded electronics and software might unexpectedly fail during a potentially life-critical operation or daily patrols.

Functional safety guaranteed at all times

However, new functions may introduce new risks owing to increasingly complex electronic interactions. During critical drive situations, everything must run like clockwork. For electromobility, this means that no clutch may disconnect from the drive train in any situation. Only a safety monitor can maintain the safe operation of the vehicle. TTControl supplies the high-performance electronic control unit model TTC 580 to act as vehicle control unit (VCU) and as safety monitor companion for the torque command. This enables the Rosenbauer RT to operate safely by guarding the whole torque chain, from throttle command down to the wheels.

“We are proud to be part of this innovative project,” says Markus Plankensteiner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TTControl. “With electronic architectures becoming more and more complex, functional safety must be considered system-wide. With electronic control units by TTControl, Rosenbauer provides a high degree of operational quality to its global customers. Furthermore, our ISO 26262 certified controllers raise the safety standard of the overall electronic architecture.”

Rosenbauer decided in favor of TTControl’s TTC 580 controller based on a thorough safety analysis which resulted in the requirement for Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIL C) according to the ISO 26262 standard.

The truck is currently undergoing intensive testing and will soon begin real-world customer testing with fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai.