Turnkey solution aiming to increase lifetime of gearboxes

Turnkey solution aiming to increase lifetime of gearboxes


Initial situation

The current industrial gearbox market is very competitive and each of the main players are looking at ways to further improve the reliability of their products.
With this in mind,  HYDAC in close collaboration with SEW Eurodrive Australia designed a new innovative solution called "The Guardian Angel". This is a turnkey solution offering condition monitoring, condition, and isolation.

The Goals

The primary goals for the project were:

  • Extend the lifetime of the gearbox oil by the factor of 300%
  • Double the gearbox oil interval change time
  • Remote Condition Monitoring of the Gearbox for critical drives.


Our solution

"The Guardian Angel" is an All in One turnkey solution, which guarantees total isolation of the gearbox from any ingress of water, dust, moisture, etc. The solution offers:

  • Full Condition Monitoring: oil condition, water ingress, change in dielectric constant, change of electric conductivity. All of these on the HYDAC CME-AU1000-1599 package (Products: CS_1220, HLB_1400 and CSI-CS-11)
  • Full Conditioning: total active lubrication system with a closed-loop high viscosity screw pump, fine filtration and high efficient air blast cooler (Product: ACAF-LN2S/15/1.0/D/M/A/MFX100/20/1/IBT45-3/1599)
  • Full Isolation = Zero External Contaminants: total isolation by means of breather bag technology.

The results

The oil in the gearbox is maintained cool, dry, clean and at the perfect viscosity; therefore we guarantee the optimal lubrication capabilities. "The Guardian Angel" alerts the end-user of any anomalies of the system and advises the operator on any required actions. It helps the Gearbox's OEM in its Predictive Maintenance program, with no surprise downtime and reduction in service costs.  "The Guardian Angel" is ready for the future with possible integration and/or implementation of ferrous particle sensor, vibration sensors and cloud base capability.

Benefits for OEM & End Users

"The Guardian Angel" is a 24/7 monitoring device that can definitely help OEM's and End-Users to Identify a failure during the Warranty period and later operation. It can enhance the service support network so that only authorised service personal will maintain the equipment. "The Guardian Angel" can also be configured for a real-time iCloud Multi-Asset visibility & control.

For more information, contact us at info@hydac.com.au.