Visualising and analysing data at the edge and cloud with HYDAC’s Data+

Visualising and analysing data at the edge and cloud with HYDAC’s Data+

The manufacturing sector has seen the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, known as “Industry 4.0”. Industry 4.0 commonly describes the merge of traditional automation with information technology, as well as the digitalisation and automation of manufacturing processes. However, those processes are heavily reliant upon the collection and analysis of big data.

What is big data?

This is the name given to large sets of data that are analysed to reveal hidden trends or patterns that enable more informed business decisions to be made as well as improve various Industry 4.0 practices.

In this situation it’s essential to use efficient and smart tools to store, manage and analyse data, according to HYDAC Australia National Development Manager for Automation, Control and IIoT Dmitry Levit

In line with this HYDAC International developed the Data+ Edge Computer. It is a powerful, flexible, expandable and customisable device designed for fast data processing and visualisation, edge control and cloud connectivity.

The system runs a Linux OS; it is therefore possible to add functionalities as required.

How does it work?

The Data+ Edge PC has a software platform installed internally, meaning that no software is required to be installed on premises, simplifying installation altogether. This also ensures that all of the software and functionality of this option is fully maintained within the Data+. The data can be stored locally on an SD card within the DATA+.

As for visualisation of the information, HYDAC has installed a powerful software framework that contains Web Visualisations, database and database extensions to view, manage and control data effectively and easily. Node-Red provides the customer with a graphical interface to manipulate data.

Also, any parameters and sensors that are being monitored can have customisable alarm settings; these can be modified via the Web Visualisations (Soft HMI).

HYDAC’s CMExpert: fluid condition monitoring

HYDAC’s CMExpert Hydraulic fluid and system condition monitoring unit was designed to provide a complete package solution for hydraulic and lubrication system monitoring.

The latest and soon-to-be released CME-AU2000 comes with a HYDAC Data+ edge computer as well as a central data collection system, a range of smart sensors, ease of system expansion and Siemens MindSphere© data analytics.

The edge computer is embedded into the CME-AU 2000 to allow for the smart processing of multiple sensors inputs as well as external communication as an output.

Management of data includes algorithms for calculating hydraulic performance data, a database for long-term storage and data transfer to higher level systems.

Data can be sent to a higher-level system via an Ethernet connection using Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP or OPC UA. Sensors are supported via an IO-Link master or other remote I/O Modules via Modbus TCP, Profinet or CANopen.

“Much storage and data processing can take place locally and remotely as well as remote condition monitoring. Performing analytics and data processing at the edge means that less data has to be transmitted to the cloud without losing any resolution,” Mr Levit says.

“In the event of a cloud warning coming through the CME-AU 2000 it is possible for a client to examine the data, receive the necessary information and thereby to react appropriately, as a result retaining high resolution data at the edge. The system is setup to avoid irrelevant information getting attention,” he says.

Customisable alarm settings can be applied to all modified parameters and sensors, which can be modified via the Web Visualisation human machine interface.

Web Visualisation is compatible with standard browsers such as Chrome and Firefox for visualisation of physical quantities such as p, Q, Pel, and management of users, assets, interfaces, and data points can take place.

Other features include a dashboard editor, graphic programming and simple parameterisation of the Data+ software environment.

Condition monitoring spans representation of machine status, recommended actions, reporting of events and sending of notifications and algorithms for calculating hydraulic performance data.

There is also an optional internet connection that acts as an update service and offers remote maintenance and remote access to DATA+ and peripherals, cloud connection and customised services.

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