Why consider a job at HYDAC?

Why consider a job at HYDAC?

Why consider a job at HYDAC? The reasons are numerous and compelling. 

HYDAC prides itself on its attention to fostering a professional career to its optimum level - something that doesn’t just happen naturally, comments HYDAC National Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Agius. 

This starts at a grassroots level in the company’s employment of several graduates every year to form part of its professional graduate program.

"All the nurturing that goes into developing these graduates often bear fruit at a later date when they become dedicated team members," Mr Agius says.

"As to experienced hires, HYDAC ensures that they are given clearly delineated roles and responsibilities within an organised environment and that they know to whom they report."

Processes in place benefit individual and organisation

In fact, HYDAC has processes in place for all employee activities from submitting complaints to leave applications.  

This fosters loyalty and avoids misconceptions and jockeying for positions that could breed dissatisfaction and undermine team spirit, Mr Agius underscores.

New hires are also made aware of what other team members are doing during their induction to ensure that they don’t work in a box.  

"Effort is put into ensuring all team members are aware of the company’s short and long-term goals and how meeting specified objectives lend themselves to long-term success," Mr Agius says.

Goal achievement and productivity acknowledged

The achievement of goals and productivity are acknowledged and rewarded on an individual and group level, which strengthens a sense of unity between team members and builds morale, Mr Agius points out.

Work completed is tracked through project planning software such as TeamGantt so that management can remain abreast of how individuals and the team are progressing on allotted tasks. 

And, of course, management supports and uses the talents and skills that employees exhibit through the provision of diverse work and opportunities and training courses to promote meaningful employee development, he adds. 

"The benefits of this approach have seen team members consistently going the extra mile for HYDAC and often being happy to spend the best part of their working lives at the company.”

"Many have also been known to comment that there’s never a dull moment at HYDAC as a result of the sheer number of industries it participates in from defence, mining, offshore, construction, agriculture, and power generation, to name a few."

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