Why Using a Diesel Particle Filter is Important for Minimising Contamination

Why Using a Diesel Particle Filter is Important for Minimising Contamination

Diesel fuel is usually left in tanks that are stored for long periods of time. This can lead to the fuel becoming separated due to not being used for a lengthy period, which generates solid particles and water that form at the bottom of the tank. This can eventually cause pump damage and make components more sensitive when the motor is switched on. The LVU-CD40 diesel particle filter is designed to remove water from diesel, helping to minimise the effects of potentially hazardous contaminants and maintain the quality of diesel fuel.

How a Diesel Particle Filter Can Help

Over a prolonged period of time, the combination of free water, settled particles and other solid matter can turn the inside a fuel tank into a breeding ground for diesel fuel pests such as bacteria, fungus, algae and other microorganisms. This can cause the machine filter to become blocked up and damage the diesel injection system components, both of which will cause the combusting engine to generate extremely high levels of pollutants.

A LVU-CD40 diesel particle filter is the perfect solution to this problem. It will minimise how much diesel fuel contamination and downtime a diesel injection system incurs, and reduce the need to prematurely dispose of the diesel fuel. When a filter is used, no spare parts have to be ordered, and exhaustive and expensive maintenance or repair work will not be necessary.

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