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Bulk Oil Cleanliness at Newlands Coal Mine

Bulk oil cleanliness

Newlands Coal is located 33 kilometres north-west of the township of Glenden, in the northern part of Queensland’s Bowen Basin, 190km by road west of Mackay. Newlands includes an open cut and longwall mining operation, producing steaming coal and coking coal for export markets via the Abbot Point Bulk Coal export terminal.


 The problem

An OEM has approached HYDAC to help to achieve a specific oil cleanliness target; although their lube oil supplier gave them cleanliness targets on the delivery of bulk oil, the cleanliness is not always guaranteed after transport and storage in bulk oil tanks.

The client requested that 10-micron absolute filter elements were installed to achieve cleanliness levels of ISO 17/13 for the following oil types: Engine oil 15W40, SAE 30 and SAE 50. The typical storage capacity of the bulk oils is 25,000 litres.


 The solution

In order to meet the required cleanliness, HYDAC supplied the client with the inline filter housing NF, which has a top loaded element that makes element replacement easy, we also had to use a large filter element due to the viscosity of the bulk oil at ambient temperature.


Results on oil cleanliness showed that cleanliness after filtering was achieved in one pass. An oil cleanliness test has been done by an independent oil analysis lab, and showed the following results:

15W40 oil

Oil cleanliness before filtration ISO21/18/12
Oil cleanliness after filtration ISO17/13
SAE 30 oil
Oil cleanliness before filtration ISO23/22/17
Oil cleanliness after filtration ISO17/13
SAE 60 oil
Oil cleanliness before filtration ISO20/18/13
Oil cleanliness after filtration ISO17/13

HYDAC filter was capable of reducing ISO cleanliness in one pass to client specifications. For more information on our NF filter click here.

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