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Contamination Control Filtration Skid for Caterpillar

Contamination Control Filtration for Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovel


The problem

The condition of the operating fluid plays a key role on the lifetime of a hydraulic system; approximately 70% of all breakdowns can be attributed to the condition of the oil, with proven detrimental effects on the efficiency and profitability of systems and equipment.

The solution

In order to address this issue, Caterpillar has partnered with HYDAC Australia to supply its Contamination Control Filtration Cart for the Hydraulic Mining Shovels HMS 6015-6090. This product allows machine owners to achieve lowest owning and operating cost on their Cat products.


Cat Filtration Skid



Cat® Filtration Skid

The off-board filtration skid is specially designed to offer the most efficient, cost-effective method to clean oil on Cat mining shovels, improving equipment uptime.


  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.5 x 1.1 m (65 x 60 x 42 in)
  • Weight of Base Skid: 620 kg (1,366 lb)
  • Required External Electric Power Source (not included): 3-phase, 40 kW (recommended)
  • Oil Types: SAE 10W, 20W, 30W
  • Flow Rate: 454/367 liters per minute (at 60/50Hz)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 30-66 °Celsius
  • Operating Pressure: approx 130 psi
  • Sample Interval: continuous/auto shut-off when cleanliness level achieved


The skid can be used in remote sites, and it can be equipped with fork pockets and lifting eyes. Moreover, it offers fast filtration in less than 5 hours and it’s staged with 10 µ and 5 µ.


Cat filtration skid



Field Test on 6060 shovels at Rolleston mine, QLD

The test was done to identify the cleaning and filtering capabilities of the filtration skid, ISO reading codes, hose lengths, connections, transporting, etc…

The first test on 10 of October 2017 was done in just 40 minutes runtime, and the filtration procedure cleaned the oil in the hydraulic tank by 3-4 ISO codes; the first reading on the onboard HYDAC Contamination Sensor was 19/18/16 and the last one was 16/15/12.

The filtration of the oil in the hydraulic tank was successful, even though the procedure was done in just a fraction of the recommended time (1 hour).

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