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Diesel – Frequently Asked Questions

diesel cleanliness at HYDAC


HYDAC has prepared an editorial to answer the most frequent questions about diesel. In this document, you can find answers to the questions below:

  • What is diesel and what is biodiesel?
  • Why does diesel need to be filtered and dewatered?
  • How thoroughly should diesel be filtered and dewatered?
  • Where do water and dirt in diesel come from?
  • How high is the critical water content for diesel?
  • What is the difference between specifications in ppm and mg/kg?
  • What is diesel pest?
  • What problems does diesel pest cause?
  • Is diesel pest a recent phenomenon?
  • How can I verify the presence of diesel pest?
  • Is there a rapid test for contaminations in diesel?
  • Once a tank has been contaminated with diesel pest, is it still vulnerable to it in the future?
  • Which tank systems are particularly endangered?
  • Are tank systems with continuous diesel flow-through also affected?
  • What filter fineness should filter elements have?
  • How does coalescence work?
  • Which water contents can be reached with coalescence?
  • How does a separation element work?

Click here to download or on the image below to download our Diesel FAQ.


diesel cleanliness at HYDAC


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