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Electro-hydraulic system solutions for mobile machinery

Electro-hydraulic control technology

Electro-hydraulic Control Technology: 

HYDAC electro-hydraulic control technology components and systems can be used to put in place intelligent solutions for mobile machinery.
HYDAC offers solutions ranging from hydraulic and electronic components, to complete turnkey systems, including the corresponding applications software.



  • Display for the most demanding visual requirements
  • Peripherals devices, e.g., joysticks and switches


  • Controllers in various classes
  • I/O expansion modules
  • Standard version and versions with increased functional safety


  • Pressure, temperature, and level
  • Distance, position, angle, inclination, and speed
  • Flow and oil level
  • Standard version and versions with diagnostics and increased functional


  • Pilot-controlled and direct-acting valves
  • Control blocks (monoblock / sandwich)
  • Pilot and primary control systems
  • Intelligent axles
  • Cylinders and pumps


Systems & Software Development: 

Based on the task itself and the customer’s requirements, HYDAC offers across-the-board support in developing electro-hydraulic control systems for mobile machinery.

These services can include:

  • Integrating intelligent subsystems into the customer’s machine (e.g., suspension systems, secondary steering systems, fan controls)
  • Complete control solutions for mobile machinery (electrical/electronic control architecture, application software)


Electro-hydraulic System Development

Example of control architecture


The quality of a hydraulic system is determined by a well-coordinated interplay of a number of single components, often very many, such as pumps, cylinders, motors, valves, accumulators, line systems and electronic components. Particularly when strict requirements apply for the system dynamics, the precision of control processes and safety-relevant functions, it is vital for detailed information on expected operating behaviour to be made available as early on as possible.

Our Capabilities at Local Level:

  • Extensive consultation and support for customers projects
  • Software requirements, design and implementation
  • CoDeSys 2.3 / 3.X software development environment
  • Electro and mechanical hardware design
  • Appropriate sensor / controller (PLCs and electronic control modules) selection
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Integrate intelligent subsystems into customer’s machinery
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical capabilities for industrial applications

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