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Energy efficient filtration. Our contribution to sustainability.

In a world characterised by globalisation, it is important for corporations to actively consider and manage their social and environmental impacts of their business decisions, and evolve to focus on more than just the financial bottom line. HYDAC International is truly committed to developing innovative products able to have a positive impact on the environment.

Recently, HYDAC launched a new filter element that presents a considerable energy saving on fluid oil systems. As a global, ecologically-responsible company HYDAC is proud to contribute to sustainability, developing energy-efficient products that enable systems to be operated more economically.

Energy prices are increasing and resources are becoming depleted. This is a clear trend worldwide. Not only are the fossil fuels required to generate energy in decline, but also the global demand for energy is rising steadily. In its international report, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts a 56 % increase in world energy consumption between 2010 and 2040. Fossil fuels are still expected to meet 80 % of demand in 2040. Furthermore, the increased combustion of fossil fuels is harming the environment and accelerating climate change.

Energy efficiency is the key to counteracting this dramatic progression. Efficient use of the energy available not only reduces the operating costs of a machine or system but also reduces energy consumption and harmful greenhouse gases. With HYDAC’s new Optimicron® filter element range, the design emphasis on the filter media pack is on minimal energy consumption combined with a high level of fluid cleanliness and extended service life.

The new Optimicron® filter series from HYDAC has a wealth of new features and innovations, such as:

  • New unique pleat geometry
  • Innovative and new drainage layers
  • Efficient filter materials
  • Optimised filter element wrap Recent tests show that Optimicron® elements have up to 30% lower differential pressure in comparison to similarly sized filter elements on the market.
HYDAC Optimicron Filter Element

The results of these tests indicate a definite energy saving potential if using the new Optimicron® filter element technology. This means that energy can be saved in the form of either fuel or electrical power when operating fluid oil systems. This reduces not only the operating costs but more importantly, valuable resources are conserved and harmful emissions are reduced.

Optimicron® – Innovative Filter Element Technology for Sustainable Filtration

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