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Predictive maintenance Part1 – Industry 4.0

The strategy that predicts when machinery will require maintenance

“Damage can always be prevented if appropriate steps are taken in due time.” There’s no better way of describing the main benefit of predictive maintenance.
The principle is based on three pillars:
1. Permanently monitoring the condition of a “healthy” system to detect wear or variations from the normal condition early on – fluid condition monitoring
2. If a variation is detected, in the simplest case only an alert is issued, but a better option is to determine and output the remaining service life of a component or a subsystem – as per Industry 4.0
3. On the basis of this “condition” of the system, costly downtime can now be reliably avoided and inexpensive maintenance can be scheduled.
This type of “condition-based” strategy creates the conditions for enabling negative changes in hydraulic and lubrication systems to be detected early on and countermeasures to be initiated in due time. Virtually every fluid system comes with a multitude of ways to consistently monitor the condition of the fluid and save on unnecessary costs.

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